Choosing The Best Lawyer for You

When a person is accused of a criminal offense it could be a life changing event depending on the severity of the charge and any previous criminal history on part of the defendant. When an attorney is involved, as opposed to indigent defense or self-representation, the defendant will likely fair considerably better in the court of law than if otherwise.

Some Attorneys Care About Helping People

Others Only Care About Money

There are a number of attorneys in the Houston area advertising their services, claiming to be the best, and promising the heavens and the earths to their clients. However, the truth about what they provide to their clients have been called questionable by some in the know.

Harris County Court ArraignmentThe truth of the matter is this; the attorneys with the best marketing schemes are generally overloaded with clients, leaving them to default as “plea-attorneys”. A plea attorney is attorney who wants to get the case finalized, as quickly as possible, damn the client.

An attorney focused on helping people will likely pull police reports, investigate the case, and interview eyewitnesses; all of which takes time. Time that over marketing plea-lawyers don’t have.

When considering a criminal defense attorney for your case, be sure to look around for reviews, as the lawyer you’re considering for real-life references, and above all, check the State Bar of Texas to ensure that your prospective attorney hasn’t been disciplined, or is in the process of such.

Choosing The Best Lawyer for You