Murder in The State of Texas; An Overview

The state of Texas has the second highest homicide rates within the country. At least 1,100 people are killed here every year. Many of these murders are drug related. However, many people are murdered by family members, gang violence and through random acts of violence.

Texas Drug Culture and Homicide Rates

Drugs are a big part of the culture in Texas. This state is a major distribution point into North America. A lot of the drugs that people enjoy are transported to communities directly from Texas. The location of this region is very important for drug traffickers.

They are willing to eliminate rival drug organizations in their effort to control these transportation points. This conflict ultimately leads to the death of many traffickers and distributors who are involved in this lifestyle. A lot of gang violence in Texas is fueled by the drug trade. Many gangs fight one another to control narcotic substances all over the state. People are also murdered during these altercations.

Gun Violence and the Texas Way of Life

Texas also has a long history of gun violence. During the 1800s as people headed out west, a lot them settled into Texas. Many cowboys, outlaws and settlers carried guns and frequently used them to resolve major problems they had with other people.

Ultimately, early Texans believed in the right to bear arms and to use them whenever there was a need. This part of Texas culture never really died off. As a result, people in modern times are being killed because still believe that this is a practical way to resolve conflict.

Some Texans are brought up on criminal charges when they kill someone out of self-defense. While homicide related self-defense is not that common; many individuals in Texas do kill people for this reason. Most homicide cases involving the use of self-defense usually require a lawyer to keep a person from going to prison.

The homicide rate in Texas is also impacted by personal killings where a family member turns on their loved ones. These type of killings, also happen more often than people would expect. Husbands and wives have been known to murder their immediate family members before committing suicide.

Each of these factors help to make some areas of Texas very dangerous place to live. However, despite the violence; many communities within Texas are relatively safe. Ultimately, Texas homicide statistics are influenced by the culture and mentality of the people that call this place home.